Academic Standing

In the KU School of Engineering, we are committed to supporting students as they work towards their degree. One piece of that support is making sure that students are making progress towards the engineering degree. Each fall and spring semester when grades post, the School of Engineering reviews each student's academic progress including review of attempted hours, semester and cumulative GPA, and progress toward an engineering degree.

School of Engineering Rules & Regulations, Section 3r

What is academic standing?

We know that for students to be successful in their journey towards an engineering degree, students need to earn at least a 2.0 GPA each semester. Students also need to earn grades of C or better in all their math, science, and engineering coursework to prepare for their future coursework and to stay on track for graduation in a timely manner. Students may be placed on probation if one of these criteria are not met.

Probation is not a disciplinary action. The School of Engineering works closely with your engineering department and academic advisor to help identify what obstacles might prohibit you form achieving your best, along with implementing strategies for how to improve. An engineering degree is academically rigorous; it is not uncommon for a student to struggle at some point in their academic career. Most of those students will make the changes needed and be back on track in the next semester.

What does academic standing mean for me?

Students may be placed on notice, placed on probation, then continue on probation after the initial probation semester, and also return to good standing. Returning to good standing means a student satisfied all probation requirements and is making satisfactory academic progress toward their engineering degree.

Students are given criteria for their probationary period; they are expected to earn at least a 2.0 semester GPA  as they work to bring up their overall GPA, make satisfactory progress toward their engineering degree. Individual course grades including Ds, Fs, and Ws are monitored.

Most students are able to return to good standing quickly. Students who are unable to improve or recover are at risk of dismissal. Students who are dismissed from the School of Engineering will be unable to progress in an engineering degree until they are eligible to be readmitted.

How do I become readmitted to the School of Engineering after academic dismissal?

After a student is dismissed from the School of Engineering, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) may consider them for admission after review of their record. Students with less than a 2.00 university cumulative GPA may not be admitted.

In general, students need to meet School of Engineering readmission requirementsIf a student does not meet the readmission requirements, they will need to contact their engineering department about an amended path foward to readmission/graduation. Students will be given criteria to meet by their engineering department for readmission, which could include course retakes or expected grades in courses.

If a student is not admitted to CLAS, they will not be able to attend KU until they are readmitted to the university.

Understanding Your Academic Standing Status

A first-year, first semester student whose university overall or engineering grade-point average is between 1.75 and 1.99 will be placed on academic notice. Academic notice serves as the warning system to recognize and make improvements to academic performance. Students placed on academic notice are monitored by the school, engineering department, and student’s academic advisor to sustain outreach and resources for the student.

A first-year freshman student placed on academic notice after their first semester will either return to good standing after the subsequent semester dependent on university and engineering semester and cumulative GPAs above 2.00.

If a student placed on academic notice does not return to good standing after the subsequent semester, the student will then be placed on probation.

A student is placed on academic probation when any semester, cumulative, or engineering GPA is less than 2.00.

A student will be continued on probation if their semester GPA is above 2.00, but their overall university or engineering GPA is less than 2.00.

A student on probation may be returned to good standing if:

  • In the next semester, the semester, cumulative, and engineering GPA are above 2.00 while making progress toward the engineering degree; OR
  • Earned grades in relevant mathematics, science, and engineering courses applicable to the degree allow the student to progress according to the grading policy implemented by the department from which the course was offered.

A student on probation may be dismissed for failure to make progress toward their engineering degree while earning a GPA lower than 2.00 in the next semester, or for failure to have a university overall and engineering overall GPA of 2.00 or greater for two consecutive semesters.

A student within one semester of completing degree requirements who is recommended for dismissal is subject to review by the engineering department and school to instead continue on probation.

Your Success in Engineering

Areas of needed improvement are different for each student. We recommend working with your advisor and engineering department to find ways to improve. Successful engineering students have shared strategies that helped them get back on track. Below are potential areas for you to incorporate for your academic success.


Set realistic expectations for course load. Some students can succeed carrying 18 credits a semester; others may carry 12 credits to get the grades they need. How many credit hours can you successfully complete with your other obligations? Your education isn’t a race. Talk with your advisor to figure this out.


Get help early and often. There are many resources at KU and in Engineering to help you succeed, with academics and your general well-being at Academic Resources. Advisors and instructors aren’t just there to help you in your classes, they are there to also help you in life.


Talk with your professors and graduate teaching assistants. They are there to help you succeed. Talk to them before you need help, and certainly when you don’t understand something in class. Visit your professor or GTA's office hours and attend review sessions if offered for the course.


If you are not doing this already, make new friends in your classes—form study groups and support one another. Also, get involved in a club at KU. Other students can be a wealth of experience to help you through those tough classes.


An engineering degree is hard to earn, as are many things in life worth having. Don’t give up. You can do it with the right tools, support, and attitude, but it is going to take effort.

Important Policies

Read the university policy on academic forgiveness. If eligible, contact Alex Pang in the School of Engineering to obtain the appropriate endorsements.

Request for Academic Forgiveness Form

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Engineering considers appeals for undergraduate students' academic standing dismissal due extenuating or mitigating circumstances. If eligible, submit a form here

Contact Alex Pang with questions.

If eligible, submit a Petition to Withdraw After the Deadline as offered by the Office of the University Registrar. Scroll to the "Withdrawing after the 2nd period drop" section.