Undergraduate Scholarships

Awarding Incoming Freshmen

The School of Engineering automatically considers first-time, in-state students for a Dean's Scholarship if they apply to Engineering by December 1st and submit a high school transcript. 

Engineering uses a student's highest composite ACT/SAT score up through the December test date and converts all grade point averages to an unweighted 4.0 scale. The Dean's Scholarship stacks on top of the KU Institutional Scholarship. The specific funds that comprise an engineering student's package, and the proportion of funds provided by the University and Engineering, may change, but the total award will not, provided the student meets renewal criteria.

Understanding Scholarship Renewal

The School of Engineering automatically renews scholarships every semester provided a student maintains a 3.0 KU grade point average, completes 12 KU credit hours per semester, and makes progress towards an engineering degree by following the 4-year curriculum guidelines. Scholarships are for a student's first bachelor's degree or 8 semesters of enrollment, whichever comes first, and disburse equally between the fall and spring semesters. Engineering will not reinstate a cancelled scholarship unless there is an extenuating circumstance, as documented with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Thanking Generous Donors

The University of Kansas School of Engineering scholarships are funded by the generosity of our alumni and donors, who established funds to support students like you.

As part of your scholarship package, we ask that you complete a scholarship impact questionnaire. This questionnaire provides an opportunity for you to express your appreciation for your donor's generosity, and lets our donors know the ways in which their gifts benefit our students. It takes only a few minutes to complete and provides invaluable reinforcement to our donors, thereby doing your part to help support the next generation of students in their academic studies.

In addition, you will be invited to, and expected to attend, an annual reception that brings together scholarship recipients with the donors.

Thank you for helping us thank our generous donors!

Self Engineering Leadership Fellows Program

Through the Self Engineering Leadership Fellows Program, students are eligible for more than $28,000 in scholarships. The Self Fellowship stacks on top of all University and School scholarships and awards. The Self application deadline is December 1st.

Awarding Continuing Students

The School of Engineering awards scholarships to continuing undergraduate students. Students watch for these announcements in the weekly Engineering Newsletter and discuss potential department-specific scholarships with their respective departments. Also, all students can search the University scholarship database.