Self Engineering Leadership Fellows Program

What is the SELF Program?


The Madison A. and Lila Self Engineering Leadership Fellows Program is a co-curricular fellowship for students pursuing a baccalaureate degree in the School of Engineering at the University of Kansas. The program provides these passionate and highly motivated engineering and computer science undergraduates the chance to challenge themselves as they develop on their leadership journeys. The purpose of the program is to enhance the leadership, business, and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills of SELF Fellows. Those who receive the fellowship shall be accountable to themselves, their peers, and the program to continuously seek to demonstrate to the highest extent possible: integrity, humility, curiosity, creativity, academic excellence, perseverance and diligence while deepening their skills as represented by the seven pillars of the SELF Program.



Our Mission

The mission of the SELF Program is to develop passionate engineering and computer science graduates who are strongly goal-oriented and who bring the business skills and vision needed to guide the technology-based corporations of tomorrow. The SELF Program will recruit, select and financially support students at the University of Kansas and administer to them an ongoing four-year personal development program that leads to a continuing supply of exceptional graduates at the bachelor of science level. By active participation in the program, the students will expand and refine their leadership, managerial, business, interpersonal, entrepreneurial, communication and engineering skills through mentoring, coursework, seminars and leadership opportunities. Graduates from the SELF Program will possess the personal attributes needed to become effective leaders who are motivated to make a real difference during their careers.


Becoming a SELF Fellow

High school seniors are encouraged to apply to the SELF Program on a four year track. Additionally, current sophomores who are enrolled in the School of Engineering for the following year can apply for our two year track. Explore the application process by clicking "How to Apply" below.