Student Organization Resources

Hosting Events

If holding in person events, whenever possible, groups are strongly encouraged to offer a virtual attendance option.  In LEEP2 rooms, you can use the built-in cameras and microphones in the room.  Log-in to the PC and use the touchscreen to send the Camera to Annotate.  The microphones will automatically connect.

Please be aware that Protect KU Fall 2021 states:

Masks are required at all times — including those who are fully vaccinated — in indoor public spaces on Lawrence and Edwards campuses and in recommended in crowded outdoor spaces. Instructors may remove their masks while presenting if they choose (only when 6 feet of distancing can be maintained). Read the mask policy for details.

Food and Drinks:

  • No eating or drinking in classrooms.
  • Except while in classrooms, face coverings/masks/PAPR suits may be removed for brief periods for the purpose of eating or drinking. 

General Information

  • Groups can submit events to be run in the School of Engineering Newsletter and Digital Signage.
  • All meetings and events should be entered into Rock Chalk Central.  
  • Groups can also hang flyers on the bulletin boards around Engineering Complex. ​
    ***No flyers should be hung on painted surfaces or glass doors.  If your group chooses to hang flyers they should be taken down no later than two days after the event.***

Student Organizations are expected to take attendance at all events using one of the options below.

Event Check-in App and Event Pass

Once your event has been submitted and approved in Rock Chalk Central, your event will post to the Corq app, and allow you to utilize the Campus Labs Event Check-In App to scan attendee Event Passes if you are hosting an in-person event.

Attendance URL

On the Manage Event page for any Event, you will find an Attendance URL. Any Rock Chalk Central user who visits this link during the event or up to 72 hours after the event ends will be marked as attended for this event.
This link can be shared through the chat feature of your online meeting platform of choice, and anyone who clicks on it will essentially be self-reporting their attendance.

Track Attendance Manually

Click +Add Attendance button. 

Text Entry

On the Text Entry tab, you can enter attendee information in bulk, using the attendees' alpha numeric KU email address. So, if you collect users' email addresses during sign-in at an event, you can copy and paste that information into the text entry field and add that attendance data. For each entry, you can also choose the attendance status. Enter up to 500 attendees using this method, with one email or ID per line. 

File Upload

The File Upload tab allows you to enter a .csv or .txt file containing attendees' alpha numeric KU email address. Select the identifier type, upload the file, assign the proper level of attendance credit and click Upload.  Please limit attendance uploads to a maximum of 1,000 records.  

Funding Sources for Student Organizations

Funding for engineering student organizations is awarded through the Engineering Funding Advisory Committee (FAC). The purpose of FAC is to make funding allocation recommendations to the School of Engineering in regards to financial support for engineering student organizations.  Get more information about FAC

As part of the agreement between the University of Kansas and Pepsi, two separate programs are available for University activities. First, the Program Funding is designated each year for financial support of University programs. Second, Pepsi  Product Requests are available as a form of support for University programs.  Proposals for program funding are welcomed from all University units, primarily non-academic units; and registered student organizations. Program funding application material and more information are available at Program Funding.

Applications for product requests are also welcomed from all University units, primarily non-academic units; and registered student organizations. Pepsi product request application materials are available at Product Requests.
After you have reviewed the applicable pages, if you have additional questions, please contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs at 785-864-4060.

Should I make a request for product or program funding?


Product Requests: I would like Pepsi products to be provided at my program/event

Program Funding: I would like money to help support or pay for part of my program/event

Student Senate funds each of its allocations out of the Student Senate Activity Fee, a required campus fee that each student must pay each semester. Since KU is a public institution, all allocations must follow state laws regarding proper usage of fees. Here is a general breakdown of how funds can be used for student organizations during the Line-Item and Unallocated funding processes:

  • Student Senate can only fund student groups that are registered through the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.
  • Student Senate funding can only go to groups and events that are opened to ALL students at KU.
  • Groups seeking funding cannot have academic requirements (enrollment in a school, GPA requirement, or more)
  • Groups seeking funding cannot have fees that keep people from participating in the organization.
  • Events must have an educational or multicultural value in order to receive funding.
  • Senate funding cannot fund: Food, T-Shirts, Travel Expenses for students, Reimbursements for items, Donations to 3rd Parties, Items worth $50 or more that cannot be kept in a locked location.


Student Senate Treasurer,
Assistant Treasurer,

To get the process started, contact Student Senate Chief of Staff at or complete the Online Funding Application.

LaunchKU is a crowdfunding initiative by KU Endowment that aims to help students, faculty, and staff at the University of Kansas raise funds for projects and passions that benefit the KU community. LaunchKU also offers donors a new way to provide direct support to the people, schools and programs that are most meaningful to them. To learn more about KU Endowment’s mission, visit KU Endowment.

Check out this video to learn more: LaunchKU - Crowdfunding at the University of Kansas from KU Endowment on Vimeo.


There is a limited amount of storage space available to groups that can be checked out on a yearly basis.  Storage locations are in the old ESC office, lockers as you enter the first floor of Spahr library and the West Campus Project Space. 

For storage on West Campus contact Lindsey McCaig,
For locker check-out contact Engineering Student Council,