GEA Travel Grant

Graduate students in the School of Engineering attending a local, regional, national, or international meeting, conference, workshops, etc. may apply for funds administered through the Graduate Engineering Association (GEA).

GEA Travel Grant application is now open, and applications will be evaluated on a monthly basis. GEA Travel Grant Request Form

  • Students must attach proof of acceptance, participation, etc. for their travel along with the completed GEA Budget Form.
  • Applicants may apply for the travel award no more than 90 days and no less than 30 days before conference travel.  For example, if you submit your application on October 2nd, your conference must take place after November 1st and before December 31st.  

  • Your application must be supplemented by a faculty reference. We recommend reaching out to your faculty reference personally. They will receive an email from us upon your submission of your application.  

  • You are required to apply for other travel funding in addition to the GEA travel award. Another travel fund you may apply to is the Graduate Student Travel Fund.  

  • You may apply more than once for the award. Master's students may only receive 1 GEA travel award and Ph.D. Students may only receive 2 GEA travel awards throughout their time as a KU Engineering Graduate Student. 

Questions? Please email