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Current Ambassadors

The Undergraduate Engineering Ambassadors are current KU engineering students dedicated to serving as representatives of the University of Kansas and the School of Engineering for the purpose of recruiting prospective students to KU. The primary job responsibility of the Undergraduate Engineering Ambassadors is to lead the facility tour—consistently the most important part of the visit for students and families selecting a college. Ambassadors also correspond with campus visitors through letters, emails, and postcards and may serve in a variety of ways to help with overall recruitment efforts. Engineering Ambassadors are part of the Engineering Undergraduate Recruitment team, a group that works together to orchestrate a positive visit experience for all guests.

Ambassadors also have multiple opportunities to help with recruitment efforts for the School of Engineering and the Office of Admissions. These opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • On-campus events and tours for the School of Engineering such as Open House and Engineering Scholars Day
  • On-campus events for the Office of Admissions such as Junior Days and Senior Days
  • Serve on a variety of student panels for visiting high school groups to events with industry partners 
  • Communicate with prospective students through semester campaigns (emails, letters, postcards, etc.)

Why be an Undergraduate Engineering Ambassador?

As an Undergraduate Engineering Ambassador, you will play a vital role in the recruitment of potential students to KU and the School of Engineering. Not only will you provide these individuals with valuable insight into college life in Lawrence, but you'll be able to make connections with the departmental staff! In addition, Engineering Ambassadors sharpen their leadership and communication skills, make new friends, and acquire knowledge and experience that will be useful for a lifetime.

To top it all off, a scholarship is associated with this program in the amount of $1,000!

Want to be an Undergraduate Engineering Ambassador?

Applications for the 2024-2025 School year are now closed.