"You Are a Person, Not a Number"

Graduate engineering students at KU have the freedom to pursue research on their topics of interest, while receiving personal and professional advice from faculty.

Graduate engineering students at KU
Dr. Depcik and his wife hosting his grad students

Interdisciplinary Research and Partners

Collaborative research at KU broadens students' experience and training, providing a wider array of job opportunities, upon graduation.

Globally, funding and grant committees are increasingly seeking interdisciplinary research applicants. KU’s recognition of this trajectory has propelled its commitment to for interdepartmental research collaborations and research partnerships with other universities. Examples of KU interdisciplinary research include the (BERCCEBCCReSISITTC) Research Centers.

Students raising capital for their company Exodus Biosciences
Bailey B. (PhD BioE) and Danny G. (PhD BioE) raising capital for their company Exodus Biosciences. Their company is part of The Catalyst - KU's Student Business Accelerator

Friends and Fellowship Through GEA

The Graduate Engineering Association helps students keep a healthy balance between research and social life (GEA featured on Nature article), and fosters relationships between departments.

GEA Welcome Event
GEA Welcome Event for the Fall 2017 incomming students on the roof of the Oread

GEA Travel Awards

KU encourages students to participate in conferences through in-house funding opportunities. Last school year (2017-2018), the GEA Travel Fellowship:

  • Awarded $14,000 to cover engineering students' conference travel, lodging and fees.
  • Allowed 48 engineering students present their work on 36 conferences.
  • Awardees travelled to 18 states and Washington D.C. as well as 3 European countries.
GEA Travel Award Winners
GEA Travel Awardees: James L. (PhD CEAE) and Muzai F. (PhD CEAE)

KU Basketball

Attending a KU Basketball game at the Allen Fieldhouse, and witnessing the biggest home advantage of college basketball is an experience you must have!