Graduate Experience at KU School of Engineering

Graduate engineering students at KU have the freedom to pursue research on their topics of interest, while receiving personal and professional advice from faculty. Our programs center student first learning, focusing on your educational and professional development. KU Engineering provides support and resources to students through funding opportunities, our career center, and the GEA, as well as through personalized mentorship from faculty.  At KU Engineering, graduate students receive individualized training that prepares them to succeed in industry, academia, and research. 

5 smiling students take a selfie at an engineering event. From left to right: a Black woman wears a green suit and takes a selfie, behind her is a white man holding up a peace sign. Behind him, there are 3 other students smiling, though their faces are slightly concealed. In the background, there is a dimly lit venue with stone walls and banquet tables.

Interdisciplinary Research and Partners

KU Engineering students are given the resources and support to engage in collaborative research. This broadens our student's experience and training, providing a wider array of job opportunities upon graduation.

Globally, funding and grant committees are increasingly seeking interdisciplinary research applicants. KU recognizes and embraces this, and has broadened its commitment to interdepartmental research collaborations and research partnerships with other universities.

One of the ways KU Engineering conducts interdisciplinary research is in its 4 associated University Research Centers (BERC, CEBC, CReSIS, I2S). Graduate students can conduct research in centers under an associated faculty mentor. There are even funding opportunities, like through The Internet of Catalysis, a National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) at the CEBC.

A blonde, white, young woman stands next to her poster in a room of research posters. She is wearing a tan blazer and her shirt is white. She looks serious, explaining her research to someone listening to her. We can only see the back of the listeners head, but they have long brown hair and glasses.
Students presenting their research at the Engineering Research Showcase, hosted by the GEA

The GEA: The Voice of KU Engineering Graduate Students

The Graduate Engineering Association (featured on Nature article) is open to all KU Engineering grad students. the GEA helps students keep a healthy balance between research and social life, and fosters relationships between departments.

The GEA hosts events that facilitate graduate student research and relationships. Every year, the GEA hosts KU Engineering Research Showcase  on KU's campus for graduate and undergraduate students to present their research. In the past, the GEA has hosted a 5k, as well as other speaker events.

The GEA provides travel funding for graduate students to be able to travel to conferences to present their research and network. These travel funds are awarded annually by the GEA and the SoE. 

Follow the GEA Facebook Page for more information and updates! 

A large group of students is posed inside, all smiling. Some are kneeling, some are standing. They are generally dressed nicely.
Group picture after the Engineering Research Showcase

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at KU Engineering

KU Engineering is committed to increasing the number of diverse engineers, including women and underrepresented minorities, to address and create solutions for the complex, multicultural, multidisciplinary challenges that exist in today’s global society. That's why KU Engineering is home to IHAWKe, a program dedicated to supporting underrepresented students in STEM.

In addition to programming and a dedicated student study space, IHAWKe sponsors several student organizations that both graduate and undergraduate students can be a part of.

Women in Computing, KU (KUWIC)

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Students pictured in the IHAWKe "nest", which is the student space for the IHAWKe program. The walls are lime green, and there are comfy couches and chairs all over the room. A diverse group of students congregate with each other.

KU Basketball

Attending a KU Basketball game at the Allen Fieldhouse, and witnessing the biggest home advantage of college basketball is an experience unique to KU!