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Grant Will Give Public Better Access to History of Black Literature

When Toni Morrison’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “Beloved” came out in 1987, Maryemma Graham’s community book group in Oxford, Mississippi, started reading it but found its prose difficult to understand and enjoy.

With New $11.35m NIH COBRE Award, KU Center Continues Fight Against Infectious Diseases

The COVID-19 pandemic is an awful reminder of the “perpetual” public health challenge of infectious disease. In addition to emerging contagions, the world also faces a decline in effectiveness of antibiotics for both human and animal health.

NSF ESPCOR Grant Will Advance Manufacturing of Renewable and Recyclable Plastics

Plastics are an indispensable part of today’s society. These nimble polymers help keep foods fresh, cars safe, arteries clog-free and have countless other uses. But the benefits come at a cost.

School of Engineering's Tiberti Lecture Set For Oct. 14

LAWRENCE — A past president of the American Society of Civil Engineers will give this year’s J.A. Tiberti Family Lecture at the University of Kansas School of Engineering.

New $1.25 Million Grant Enables Investigation Into Vital Role of Sex Hormones in Tissue Repair

LAWRENCE — Our ability to heal and regenerate new tissue after an injury has much to do with biological sex.

At-Home COVID-19 Test Developed at KU Moves Toward Production

With the United States facing another surge of COVID-19 due to the Delta variant, an at-home test for the virus developed by researchers at the University of Kansas is moving toward commercial production. The aim is to launch the product in early 2022.

KU GenCyber Camp Equips K-12 With Cybersecurity Skills

The University of Kansas hosted K-12 teachers from around the country for a five-day summer camp designed to help them teach young students about cybersecurity — and hopefully begin to groom the next generation of experts to protect America’s online infrastructure.  

Researchers develop hardware-cybersecurity education program with $400,000 NSF grant

Rock Chalk Welcome (Back)!

Whether you are a first-year Jayhawk arriving to KU or returning for another exciting year, welcome (back) to campus! Several events are planned at the School of Engineering and across the university to greet students for the 2021-2022 academic year. Here’s a quick rundown:

Sutley Seeks to ‘Build Community’ in New Role as Engineering Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Elaina Sutley’s engineering career has long been about more than simply designing and building things that make the world work. She has always been interested in how the stuff that gets built affects people — and particularly people from marginalized communities.

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