Research Innovations

School of Engineering research innovation clusters reach across disciplines and bring a multi-disciplinary approach to key strength areas.

Securing Cyberspace

As the flow of electronic information integrates further into our daily lives – preserving the integrity and insuring the security of transmitted information is a necessity. From the safety of transportation, energy and communications systems, to securing devices within our homes connected to the Internet of Things, KU Engineering is leading the fight to insure we are protected in cyberspace and prepared to effectively combat the rising threat of cyberattacks on a global level. Our initiatives include a National Security Agency-funded lablet to secure the Internet of Things and a National Science Foundation-sponsored project to CyberCorps Scholarship for Service program, which offers training and collaboration with the NSA and U.S. Army

Network wires

Health Innovation

With a focus on collaboration across KU’s campus and with the University of Kansas Medical Center, researchers at KU Engineering are taking a novel approach to promote well-being and building healthy communities. Our research teams employ multi-disciplinary skills to develop tools accelerating diagnosis, finding cures, designing next generation biomaterials as well as systems to support, enhance or replace damaged tissues or biological functions.

A researcher holds a chip

Clean Energy

Improved water quality, environmentally friendly fuels, resource management, water quality, wastewater systems, battery health and safe,long-life batteries are among the initiatives that place KU Engineering at the forefront of the sustainability movement. Our world-class faculty and cross-disciplinary research make the world a better place and create brighter future for humanity.

Student working in lab