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KU Engineering is committed to increasing the number of diverse engineers to address and create solutions for the complex, multicultural, multidisciplinary challenges that exist in today’s global society.

Founded in 1971,

KU’s Engineering IHAWKe Diversity & Women’s Program is one of the oldest in the country and is home to the IHAWKe and KUEST programs. IHAWKe address the needs of historically underrepresented students, including Indigenous, Hispanic, Black, women, first generation, queer and trans, Military-Affiliated, and students with disabilities. 

In 2019, the KU Engineering Diversity and Women’s Program earned national acclaim for its efforts to attract and retain an increasingly diverse student population. The American Society of Engineering Education named KU one of 29 institutions across the county to receive an exemplar bronze rating – the highest available classification during the review period and still to date – as one of the “nation’s leaders in inclusive excellence.”

The KU Engineering Diversity and Women’s Program works towards significant, measurable progress in increasing the diversity, inclusion and degree attainment of diverse engineers through four pillars of Inclusive Excellence:

  • Focus on the intellectual and social development of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Intentionally develop and utilize organizational resources to establish equitable access to opportunities and to foster individual and group learning.
  • Value the cultural differences that learners bring to each educational experience and enhance the enterprise by empowering people to use their voice, and creating a safe space for them to do so.
  • Cultivate a welcoming community that engages all aspects of diversity and appreciates that we are whole people with intersecting identities in an effort to create positive impacts to society.

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