Engineering EXPO

EXPO is a student-run engineering fair for the local community, elementary schools, and middle schools. Each engineering student organization has either an activity, demonstration, or competition set up around the KU Engineering Complex that kids can participate in and learn all about engineering in a hands-on way.
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EXPO 2024




  • February 25, 12 pm - 3pm for Community Day

  • February 26, 9 am - 3 pm for Schools

Day-of Information:

Activities for 2024 EXPO

Competitions for 2024 EXPO

EXPO Packet (maps + info)

Parking maps

Activity Proposal Form due October 9

Supply Order Form due October 20

T-shirt Order Form due October 20


Q: Where is Expo?

A: Engineering Expo will be held at the KU School of Engineering (Eaton Hall, 1520 W 15th St, Lawrence, KS 66045).

Q: Will lunch be provided to students and teachers?

A: Lunch will not be provided. We strongly encourage all students to bring their lunch.

Q: What if students forget to bring a lunch?

A: If any students forget to bring a lunch, the DeBruce Center is a short walk away from the School of Engineering and will be available to order food from. The Underground under Wescoe Hall on Jayhawk Boulevard will also be available.

Q: What is the Expo schedule?

A: All activities and competitions on Monday will continuously from 9 AM - 3 PM. There is no set schedule and students are free to walk to any station they want to visit.  Building map and list of activities.

Q: How will parking look for vans and small vehicles?

A: The Allen Fieldhouse Parking Garage is available for vans and small vehicles to park in. The clearance for the garage is 7 feet. You will have to pay for parking per individual car. Please utilize the kiosks or the ParkMobile app to ensure you don’t receive a ticket.

Q: How will parking look for large buses?

A: We have arranged a special pickup/drop-off system for school buses. School bus parking details. 

Q: Is registration mandatory?

A: Registration is not mandatory, but we encourage all teachers to register so we have an accurate head count.

EXPO 2024 Officers

  • VP of Recruitment: Tessa Rothwell

  • Registration Chair: Frank Guo

  • Activities Chair: Henry Bair

  • Finance Chair: Reeny Huang

  • Public Relations Chair: Catherine Kipp

  • All emails are