Students working in a commons area of SELF Hall

Engineering Learning Community

Self Engineered is the Engineering Living/Learning Community (ELC) for freshmen engineering and computing students. 

Self Engineered students live together in Self Hall .  Living among other engineering students is a great way to meet other students in the same program, and also form those essential study groups for first year courses.  Many Resident Assistants (RA's) on these floors are upper level engineering students trained to support freshmen through the adjustments and rigors they experience during their first year of college.  RA's provide guidance to help students develop good study habits, form study groups, and build those important peer relationships that can be vital to their success.  

Being a part of Self Engineered ELC is easy and free*!

1. Sign your Housing Contract early!

This will ensure you are one of the first students to be able to choose your room during the room selection process. Be sure to select the Self Engineered Learning Community to gain first access! Spaces available in the ELC are limited; early access will help you choose a great room. 

2. Pay your Enrollment Deposit!

Students must pay their enrollment deposit to receive a room selection number. To gain early access to the Self Engineered Learning Community, deposits are due by April 1 and students have to choose the Self Engineered Learning Community on their housing application (you can change this until April 1!). 

3. Choose a Self Engineered ELC in Self Hall during the room selection process.  

Admitted Engineering Students with early access can choose from ELC available rooms in Self Hall on April 13 & 14.  Have a non-engineering friend you would like to room with? Engineering students can choose to pull-in a roommate. After early access,  Self Hall will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

It’s just that easy.

Questions? Contact Lindsey McCaig,, 785-864-2989 or Dawn Shew,, 785-864-2927

* There is no additional cost beyond your normal Housing & Dining costs to live in the ELC.