Graduation Information

Undergraduate graduation ceremony

Graduation requirements are different at each degree level (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees). Students are encouraged to talk to their academic advisor when they are ready to complete any milestone in their academic career. The School of Engineering Dean’s staff, in cooperation with departmental staff, is responsible for processing graduation each semester and coordinates the Engineering Recognition Ceremony in the fall and spring.

All Students should refer to KU’s Academic Catalog to review degree requirements for their program and the Academic Calendar to be sure they meet posted deadlines for graduation requirements. Students who wish to have a graduation check in the semester prior to their degree completion can schedule an appointment with their JAA academic advisor through Jayhawk GPS, or contact their department.

When a student is ready to graduate, they have some tasks to complete:

  1. Complete all remaining academic requirements satisfactorily. Students will not graduate until all requirements are met. 
  2. Apply for graduation. This application is for your degree which alerts School and University staff in Enroll & Pay. The deadline to apply for December graduation is November 1 and May graduation is March 1
  3. RSVP for the School of Engineering winter (December), or spring (May) graduation ceremony if you intend to "walk" in that ceremony. The respective RSVP form is updated each semester for each ceremony. Please contact Alex Pang with any questions. Fall 2023 School of Engineering Student RSVP Form
  4. If walking, make arrangements for any regalia you need. Students cannot participate in any KU graduation ceremony without regalia.

Diplomas are provided to students who have met all graduation requirements by the stated deadlines. When students complete the Application for Graduation, they are given the option to have the diploma mailed to them or pick it up in person. Further information about obtaining your diploma can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s webpage.

If you require proof of degree prior to your diploma becoming available, you may request a Statement of Forthcoming Degree. The Statement of Forthcoming Degree is an official document from the University of Kansas verifying that all degree requirements have been met, though the degree has not yet been conferred. Once you fill out the Statement of Forthcoming Degree Form, visit the Engineering Student Success Office in 1415 LEEP to request the necessary endorsements before submitting the form to the Registrar's Office. There is a charge for this form. Students will be billed through Enroll & Pay.

Undergraduate Academic Honors

Each school awards graduation with distinction or graduation with highest distinction. No more than the upper 10 percent of the graduating class may graduate with distinction. No more than 3 percent of the graduating class may graduate with highest distinction. 

Students must have completed at least 60 hours graded A through F in residence at KU (including the hours in which they are enrolled during the semester of graduation). Awards of distinction and highest distinction are based solely on the grade-point average determined by KU residence credit hours unless the overall grade-point average (including transfer hours) is lower than the residence grade-point average. In this case, the award is determined by the overall grade-point average. Students who rank in the upper 10 percent of their graduating class graduate with distinction. The upper third of those awarded distinction graduate with highest distinction.