Diversity Scholarships

Students are eligible for several Diversity Programs scholarships. Added to the income from a summer job, scholarships can provide enough money to cover most educational expenses. The amount and type of aid are determined by a student's financial situation. Students may be eligible for additional scholarships through the School of Engineering, its departments or other campus organizations. Additional money also may be available through KU's Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, University of Kansas, KU Visitor Center, 1502 Iowa Street, Lawrence, KS 66045-7576. Call 785-864-4700 or send an email to financialaid@ku.edu.

Undergraduate Diversity Scholarships


Incoming Students

The KUEST ONE scholarship is a one-year scholarship for incoming Engineering students who are members of an underrepresented minorities. Visit the KUEST ONE Scholars page for application and eligibility requirements.


Current Students

Current students should contact the IHAWKe program coordinators at ihawke@ku.edu for available scholarships and opportunities.

School of Engineering Research & Graduate Program Scholarships and Fellowships


Funding for First Year Graduate Students

All incoming graduate students applying for admission to the School of Engineering will be considered for scholarships if they apply to the School of Engineering by the priority deadlines set by each department (December). KU’s Graduate Application for Admission also serves as the School of Engineering scholarship application. No additional materials need to be submitted unless also applying for the Madison & Lila Self Graduate Fellowship or the GEM Fellowship. A full list of graduate funding options offered at KU can be found on the Graduate Studies website.

Graduate Engineering Minority (GEM) Consortium

  • GEM is a group of leading corporations, laboratories, universities, and research institutions that enables qualified students from underrepresented communities to pursue graduate education in applied science and engineering. GEM provides a large network, financial support, and expert knowledge to help ensure student success in competitive academic and professional environments.
  • To find out more about the GEM Consortium, check out their national webpage and apply to become a GEM fellow. See a list of all KU GEM Fellows.


Continuing Students

Currently enrolled engineering students can apply for a few specific engineering scholarships such as IHAWke Fellowship and Graduate Engineering Association (GEA) Ambassador Fellowship.

Submission deadlines for these applications for continuing students are typically in mid-March. These particular scholarships are considered non-renewable and will need to be applied for each year.

IHAWKe Fellowship

  • The KU Engineering Diversity and Women's Programs, or IHAWKe (Indigeneous, Hispanic, African-American, Women KU Engineering), offers an annual fellowship to underrepresented (URM) graduate students in engineering and computer science. IHAWKe Fellows focus on minority recruitment and retention efforts for students in engineering. This fellowship provides leadership, development programing and mentorship opportunities to new and current graduate students. Fellows meet monthly to define goals and create community across disciplines within the graduate program. List of all KU IHAWKe Graduate Fellows.
  • Applications for the 2020-2021 IHAWKe Fellowship is open. Application deadline is April 1st.

Graduate Engineering Association (GEA) Ambassador Fellowship

  • The Graduate Engineering Association (GEA) Ambassador Fellowship is a fellowship for current graduate engineering and computer science students who are chosen to assist with the recruitment & retention efforts for the School of Engineering. GEA Ambassadors travel to recruitment events and take part in school-wide efforts to present a positive image to current & prospective graduate students. Applications for the 2019-2020 academic year will open in March 2019. For more information about this fellowship contact our office at kuengrgrad@ku.edu or 785-864-6208Click here to see a list of all KU GEA Ambassadors.