Locke and Gould Awards

Sammie and Carl Locke Award for Outstanding Senior

The Sammie and Carl Locke Award is awarded during the fall and spring commencement ceremonies to an outstanding graduating senior. Each semester, departments nominate one graduating senior per degree program for consideration by the Engineering Student Council, who, then selects one senior to receive this recognition that comes with a monetary award. 

The award was established in 2002 by former KU Engineering Dean Carl Locke and his wife Sammie. Carl Locke was the Dean of Engineering from 1986-2002. During his tenure, Locke oversaw the initiation of Eaton Hall, the incorporation of the Computer Science Program into the School of Engineering and served as Director for the KU Center for Research Incorporated. Dean Locke also began the first separate recognition ceremony for a school within KU in addition to Sunday’s commencement ceremony. His wife Sammie organized and produced the reception after the ceremony for several years.

Henry E. Gould Excellence Awards

Each year, Engineering Student Council seeks nominations and selects one educator and one advisor to receive the Gould Excellence Awards.  These awards are presented during the spring commencement ceremony.  Each award winner receives a monetary award of $4,000 in recognition for their service.

Educators and advisors can be nominated by submitting a letter of recommendation (400 word minimum) attesting why the individual is considered to be outstanding in the School of Engineering.

The Henry E. Gould Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching was established by Meredith Gould and Natkin and Company in 1966 as a memorial to Henry E. Gould. The Excellence in Undergraduate Advising was established in 2002. Henry Gould graduated from KU in 1931 with a Mining Engineering degree. After graduation, Gould worked for Natkin and Company, a mechanical contracting firm in Kansas City. Gould passed away in 1965 at age 57. These memorials reflect Mr. Gould’s life-long recognition of the values of an engineering education and the great contribution made by the teaching profession.

Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Educator

Any full time faculty member may be nominated for outstanding educator.  Outstand Educators are evaluated base on:

  1. Availability to students
  2. How prepared is the professor for class everyday
  3. A teaching environment that allows students to learn and ask questions
  4. Good use of examples in the course
  5. Maintaining student interest in lectures
  6. Assigning relevant homework or projects
  7. Giving students practical experience
  8. Facilitating student achievements

Award for Outstanding Advising

Advisors can be any individual that advises students academically, gives exceptional professional advice, is a dedicated organization advisor, etc.  Outstanding Advisors are evaluated based on:

  1. Advising during academic enrollment
  2. Availability to students regarding personal advice
  3. Availability to students regarding professional advice
  4. Availability to students regarding academic advice
  5. Availability to students regarding any topic
  6. Supports and encourages organizations

Previous Winners

2002Justin Rajewski
2003Bethany Anderson
2004Scott Roberts
2005Theresa LaFollette
2006Shannon Sanderson Skoglund
2007Tanner Rinke
2008Kaitlyn Kelly
2009Erin Lewis
2010Brandon DeKosky
2011Katherine Harry
2012Lauren Lacey
2013Mary Adams
2014Qi Chen
2015Joseph Weaver
2016Brett Wagner
2017Kevin Tenny
2018Taylor George
2019Nicole Johnson
2020Kylie Personette
2021Evan Haas
2022Julian Moreno


2014Daniel Kennedy
2015Deanna Marks
2016Andrew Craig
2017Cody Hill
2018Riley Kennedy
2019Katherine Riedel
2021Abigail Davidow


2001Marylee Southard
2003Richard Hale
2004Kyle Camarda
2005Thomas Mulinazzi
2006Kyle Camarda
2007G. Paul Willhite
2008Michael Detamore
2009Marylee Southard
2010Marylee Southard
2011Chris Depcik
2012JoAnn Browning
2013David Petr
2014Ron Barrett-Gonzalez
2015Bob Lyon
2016Dawn Shew
2017Florence Boldridge
2018Susan Williams
2019Jie Han
2020Kate Maisch
2021Mark Shiflett
2022Bhargavi Krishnan


2001Colin "Chip" Howat
2003Jan Roskam
2004Don Green
2005Richard Hale
2006Marylee Southard
2007Bedru Yimer
2008Javier Guzman
2009Alice Bean
2010Michael Detamore
2011Ray Taghavi
2012Belinda Sturm
2013Shawn Keshmiri
2014Richard Hale
2015Susan Stagg-Williams
2016Remy Lequesne
2017Christopher Depcik
2018Matt O'Reilly
2019Mario Medina
2020John Gibbons
2021Prajna Dhar
2022Josh Roundy