Evanna Dominic

Evanna Dominic
  • Chemical Engineering, 2026
  • Hometown: Overland Park, KS

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What internships or professional experiences have you had so far?

Over the summer, I will be interning with Heartland Coca-Cola. I will be working as a mechanical and chemical engineering intern where I will be working in the plant and working to understand more about the mechanics that go into designing the plant along with the production of Coca Cola. This will allow me to learn more about what I will be doing as a Chemical Engineer and potential areas I can work in. 

Prospective students should ask me about:

I am currently involved in Alpha Delta Pi, Theta Tau, Society of Woman Engineers, St. Lawrence Catholic Center, KU Thrive, SELF Program, and NSBE.

 Are you involved in undergraduate research?

Yes, I am working under Dr. Mark Shiflett with research focusing on extractive distillation. The graduate student in charge of this project is Julia Espinoza. Along with this, I am also a part of the biodiesel initiative and am currently being trained in the lab on proper testing procedures for the various biodiesels. 


Chemical Engineering