Soma Pal

Soma Pal
  • Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Degree Program: PhD
  • Hometown: Kolkata, India
  • Pronouns: she/her

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I am a PhD student in computer science. My research interest is in compiler optimization. We ran different programs or benchmarks, but it took quite some time to optimize. If we can reduce time, then all programs will be faster. I joined KU because I got my research subject here, and all the professors are also very helpful. I believe that I will grow towards my goal with the help of our professors. KU provides the best platform to grow a career and the best environment for international students. I joined GEA because it will provide me with the opportunity to interact with many students who have different areas of interest. I also want to help other students with their mental well-being. I am a very energetic and self-motivated person in every situation.