KU Parking

Parking Near the Event

Information about parking can be found on the KU Parking website.

  • Portions of K-10 highway are currently under construction. Please plan to add 15 minutes to your transit time to account for slowed traffic on the highway. I-70 highway has Lawrence exits, but please note that this is a toll road
  • Portions of 23rd street in Lawrence are currently under construction. If you are taking the K-10 highway, we recommend taking the Iowa Street/Ottawa 59 exit instead of 23rd street.
  • If you do not have a parking permit for either the KU or KUMC campuses, one-day parking permits are available for purchase through KU parking services
  • If you have a parking pass for KU Medical Center, reciprocal parking is available between KU and KUMC. There should be no cost to park at the event tomorrow if you have a KUMC parking pass. However, you must reach out to KU Parking Services to receive a valid permit for the Lawrence campus.
  • KU has hierarchical parking (Blue > Red > Yellow). You can park in any lot zoned for your permit or a lower-level permit. For example, if you have a Red permit, you can park in a Red lot or Yellow lot, but would not be able to park in a Blue lot.
  • For Yellow permit holders, the closest lots are Lot 90 (near Capitol Federal Hall) and Lots 71/125/127 (near Hoglund Ballpark)
  • For Red permit holders, the closest lots are Lot 54 (in front of the Engineering Complex) and Lot 41 (near M2SEC). These lots are also zoned for Blue permits, so please pay attention to posted signs to make sure that you are parking in the red portion of a lot.
  • For Blue permit holders, the closest lots are Lot 54 (in front of the Engineering Complex), Lot 41 (near M2SEC), and Lot 129 (near Eaton Hall)