SELF on the Road 2017 - Day 8

Today marks the final day of SELF on the Road 2017. We enjoyed a relaxing morning at the hotel and then traveled to In-N-Out Burger. Many burgers, shakes, and animal-style fries were consumed by our group of engineers. Out of the entire group, there were seven people who enjoyed the joy of the famous California burger for the first time. Andrew Wildish, senior chemical engineer, described the burger as “dank” and Adam Smith, SELF coordinator, described the experience as a “fantastic way to cap off an incredible trip to Southern California”. After enjoying lunch in the sunshine, the group traveled to LAX and checked the luggage. Somehow security took a total of 15 minutes (a possible record for LAX), so the group has been planning their capstones, buying textbooks for the semester’s upcoming classes, and chatting about their summer internship experiences with each other. We have had a fantastic time in Southern California area but everyone is ready to get home and settle in before classes begin. The SELF Cohort is 2018 is excited and eager to begin their senior year. Luckily, SELF on the Road has empowered us with a passion to move forward. Throughout the trip, we met leaders in all types of industry who are truly passionate about their careers and mission. Each of us aspires to step into the world with a passion for the job we do. Companies like The Spaceship Company NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have shown us that a “true grit” passion for the mission to space, whether it be educational or commercial. At Tyvak Nanosatellites, we learned that an entrepreneurial spirit combined with a focus on teamwork makes for success when building the nanosatellites. The California Resource Corporation taught us the importance of beauty within science and industry. Lastly, Avery & Dennison showed us the importance of being a world leader while continuing innovation in their respective field. Overall, SELF on the Road was a success on many fronts. The cohort is ready to take their experience and conquer their senior year as SELF fellows and Jayhawks. 


Final day of SELF on the Road 2017