Competition Details

2022 Competition Overview


Get ready to dive into this year's theme: Exploration into the Beyond. We at the University of Kansas are excited to see the amount of creativity you all bring to High School Design 2022 on October 20, and we look forward to seeing how you solve the challenges of the future!

Please refer to the 2022 Competition Rules and the competition descriptions below for more detailed information regarding High School Design. If you have further questions about High School Design or the competition details, please email

2022 Competition Descriptions


Aerospace Engineering

The teams will be asked to build a non-motorized glider to perform in two tasks: a distance task and an accuracy task. The distance task will measure the length of flight as well as the time the flight, while the accuracy task will measure the glider's flight in relation to a target. As well as this, a presentation will be required to highlight the design process, materials, and cost list, as well as answer the question about how the glider design related to current and/or future innovations in aviation.

Corporate Partner: Textron Aviation


Each team will design and build a piece of exercise equipment that does not rely on gravity to create resistance on their muscles and efficiently targets one muscle group from a list provided. The students will be responsible for producing a prototype and creating a presentation on their process in designing the device, including a firm understanding of the behaviors of muscles under resistance and the functionality of the muscle group chosen.

Corporate Partner: BARKLEY

Chemical Engineering

The rocket to Mars is almost complete and the launch is set for next week - but wait! There is one last piece that needs to be finished: the fuel system. In order to make it to Mars a revolutionary new fuel has been developed. While extremely efficient, the fuel is so volatile that it could potentially destroy the rocket if stored in its most reactive state. Therefore, the fuel must be mixed and delivered to the combustion system in rocket. You and your team of engineers have been assigned to design this mixing system according to the process specifications. In order to get your design approved you must present a brief design presentation and a functional fuel mixing model to the rocket design committee.

Corporate Partner: Kiewit, Burns & McDonnell

Civil Engineering  

It’s the year 3000 and the world has become an unsustainable place to live. Scientists and Engineers for generations have explored various planets and galaxies in space, and the time has come to leave Earth. In this competition, students have been tasked with building and presenting a sustainable and sturdy design for communal living on Mars that is strong, effective, and accurately portrays Mars as its location.

Corporate Partner: TREKK Design Group

Computer Science

Students will compete in teams to design a program to accomplish one of our design tasks. These tasks can be In-flight Entertainment, Navigational Systems or the Management System. More details can be found within the rules book.

Corporate Partner: NEER

Mechanical Engineering

Your team of engineers is formulating a bid for a NASA contract to construct a hydraulic lifting mechanism capable of collecting geologic samples on the surface of a faraway planet.  This task focuses on the principles of hydraulic pressures and other mechanical engineering concepts such as rotation and simple machines. The goal of this competition is for students to design and construct a machine to lift a weight to a maximum height.  Your team will also have to present your solution to secure the contract for your firm. 

Corporate Partner: US Engineering, Black & Veatch