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Registration for the 2021 High School Design competition is now open until October 6th!

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Start by taking a look at the 2021 Competition Packet below and decide which of the competitions peaks your interest.  Then follow the link below to register and start designing your winning project!

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2021 Competition Packet and Rules (PDF). These rules are updated as of September 14, 2021.

Please email highschooldesign@ku.edu with any questions.

High School Design 2021

Welcome to the University of Kansas’s High School Design Competition 2021! Here at KU, we’re very excited to introduce you all to the wide array of possibilities that the School of Engineering has to offer. This year, students will be competing in teams that range from one person to four people. Once a student is involved in a competition, they may not participate in another one. Students will have the opportunity to compete in six different competitions that are related to six engineering disciplines within the KU School of Engineering: computer science, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, aerospace engineering, and bioengineering. We hope that throughout the experience of preparing for the competition and competing against other students that you will come to understand more about engineering, enhance your interest in this exciting field, and learn about all that the University of Kansas has to offer engineering students!

Get ready to dive into this year's theme: Engineering Around the World.  All competitions will be tied to this theme. We at the University of Kansas are excited to see the amount of creativity you all bring to High School Design 2021, and we look forward to seeing how you solve the challenges of the future!

Detailed descriptions and rules of each competition

2021 Final Results

Aerospace Engineering:

   1st: Center for Academic Achievement: Carlos and Luke.

   2nd: Topeka High: Adrianne Caracioni, Bretton Hoover, Matthew Hubka.

   3rd: Barstow: Turner - Andrews and Anders Hwang.


   1st: Olathe North 11: Xochilt Ibarra-Ortiz, Arizit Morales-Castillo, and Cinthia Young Rosales.

   2nd: Olathe North 12: Katie Maxwell, Kaylee Rider, and Mia Suero Peguero.

   3rd: Olathe North 13: Elizabeth Goold, Tanvi Putti, and Michaela Samson.

   3rd: Olathe South 4: Bennett Meoli, Josh Sewell, Eshaan Singh, and Anish Shivarajan.

Chemical Engineering:

   1st: Barstow High School: Amelia Beagle and Margo Gonzales

   2nd: Olathe South: Wyatt Vaughn, Mel Shore, Cendy Cardenas, and Nelson Njai

   3rd: Hays High School: Katrina Delimont, Mackenzie Hagerman, Carly Lang, and  Rilee Schwarz

Civil Engineering:

   1st: Barstow High School: Daniel John, Will Keidel, and Pierce Farinelli.

   2nd: Liberty High: Sophia Rakestraw

   3rd: Odessa: Garrett Bayless and Dawson Smith.

Computer Science:

   1st: Blue Valley High Team 1 - Team Null: Nathan Nguyen, Maddie Watson, and Michael Hoopes.

   2nd: Blue Valley High Team 2 - Team Main: Dylan Kneidel, Dellie Wright, Bryan Zhang, and Henry Hornung.

   3rd: Lee's Summit North: Robby Berhe and James Moore

Mechanical Engineering:

   1st: Emporia: Benjamin, Julian, and Collin.

   2nd: Olathe Northwest: Michael Manny

   3rd: Barstow: Stewart Kennedy Gregg, and Harly Chang.


Your presentation and testing appointment will be sent to you, and an overall schedule for the live stream will be posted prior to the event so you can watch all the testing and be inspired!