Engineering Leadership Development Program

The Engineering Leadership Development Program aims to develop future engineers beyond the classroom, offering leadership, entrepreneurship, professional development, and career opportunities to all students throughout the course of their undergraduate education.


Great engineers don't just solve problems, they lead the teams and organizations that push their fields forward. Opportunities exist to take leadership and/or management roles in organizations across the School of Engineering and University, and any student can find the leadership classes or experiences that will help them to develop the skills necessary to excel in their future career.

Professional Development

The School of Engineering promotes a series of professional development opportunities, featuring seminars and lectures on topics including corporate and industry leadership and management skills, ethics, and teamwork. Any student can participate as broadly or as focused as they find beneficial.

Career Exploration

At the end of the day, most students seek to work in industry or to conduct research within their chosen field of study. The School of Engineering hosts and facilitates a wide range of opportunities to ensure that our students are successful in whatever pursuit comes next.


Thinking big is what engineers do best. Take those ideas from the imaginary to the possible, and from the lab bench to the real world. The School of Engineering encourages and fosters an innovative spirit, supporting a broad array of programming and initiatives designed to prepare students to act when inspiration strikes.